DIY Flat Panel Speakers


First and foremost, I want to give a huge shout out to ScubaMoto and TechIngredients for the inspiration for this video! If you haven't yet, make sure to check out their videos on how to make DML Speakers, and they will likely address any questions you have!

DML or Flat panel speakers are a pretty amazing bit of technology, not only because they sound great, but because they are simple enough to be made my hobbyists like me. After using the built-in speakers on my Macbook Pro for a year or so, I decided it was time to upgrade to something a little better, and I figured why not try and make something myself!

For more information about DML speakers and how they work, check out one of the resources below, otherwise, check out my video and the write up here!


  1. Round off corners of the foam panel

  2. Sand outer surface of foam panel

  3. Drill mounting holes for cotter pins

  4. Add thread between cotter pins to hang from
  5. Attach exciter to the designated spots

  6. Make Look Nice!

    • To improve the look of the foam panels with the least amount of effort, you can use any color of spray paint as long as you keep it 40cm away from the surface of the panel while spraying.
      • The Xylene and Acetone that eat up the foam will evaporate within 40cm, so you won't destroy your panels, but you'll likely use an entire can of spray paint on just 2 panels.
    • You can also wrap the panels in fabric like I did without too much trouble at all. 
      • I simply used fabric glue and black fabric from a craft store, and the finished result looks great!
  7. Mount and test it out!


  • Might be hard to tell how good these actually sound from the microphone that I’m using, but I promise, they sound pretty damn good for $35/piece speakers.

  • Not great bass frequencies from these speakers so you might consider pairing with a subwoofer.

  • Initially used picture frame wire, decided to switch to thread after the wire would rattle on higher volumes.